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"Conqora is a Canadian private equity firm, headquartered in Toronto, that specializes in creating, developing, and partnering with strong management teams in order to bring strategic real-asset backed investments to life. Once we have fully underwritten a transaction and committed our capital, we allow our Limited Partners the ability to selectively invest in these diligenced and scalable opportunities that have proven and secured valuations once in steady state operations."

Rupesh Amin
Rupesh Amin,
We specialize in real assets
Our corporate compass is guided by four critical points that intersect in each of the investments selected to be underwritten. We believe in the inherent stability of underlying real assets, creating value-differentiation through technology, innovating using entrepreneurial mindfulness, and committing to making investments that positively affect the communities in which we invest.
real assets
We provide access to scalable platforms
Our investment thesis is based on a partnership model and a programmatic-based approach. We seek to invest development capital in strategic partners who have the expertise, leadership, and experience to build out a platform in sectors based on real assets with compelling market forces.
real assets
Our capital is the development capital
Conqora utilizes its own at-risk development capital to originate opportunities and brings to market only those deals vetted through its rigorous due diligence process, which means investment partners see underwritten opportunities that are ready to execute on tight and efficient timelines.
real assets
Empowering Partners and Investors

We take the lead role to fully underwrite direct investment opportunities, that are vetted by top tier advisors, prior to syndicating the investment to a select group of Family Offices, Asset Managers, Institutional Funds and High Net Worth Individuals.

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