Core Values
Conqora’s mission is to identify impactful investments that will generate measurable public, socioeconomic, and environmental benefits in the communities the investment serves, alongside achieving healthy risk adjusted return on capital.
Transparency Investors will be provided a clear understanding of project risks, mitigation approaches, and expected return profiles. Conqora prides itself for being known as a direct and transparent partner.
Efficiency Conqora commits to providing fully diligenced opportunities to investors, that are packaged in a clear and concise manner, to enable efficient capital allocation.
Reciprocity Earl Nightingale said “Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations”. At Conqora, we believe in the spirit of reciprocity with our partners and are committed to open and honest communication with a dedication to achieving excellence.
Consciousness Conqora believes it is possible to obtain outsized returns and have a positive impact on communities. Mindfulness and social responsibility are core tenet for our investments.
Capital Alignment Conqora and its management teams invest in every deal alongside its investors to demonstrate alignment. We respect every investor and treat 3rd party funds with the same level of diligence and respect as we do our own.
Our Methodology