Conqora’s Methodology and Deal Approach
Identify and Partner
1. Identify and Partner

Conqora endeavours to identify opportunities that have untapped potential and fit with our “four points of intersect” development approach. Once we have nominated the project as “GO” we identify the best in class partners and assemble a top tier team to deliver the project and begin working through our comprehensive risk framework and deliver the project.
Risk Mitigation and Underwrite
2. Risk Mitigation and Underwriting

Conqora recognizes that the risk-reward relationship is dynamic. It requires a customized risk register and risk mitigation strategy for each unique opportunity. We seek to identify all pertinent risks to the business from start-up to steady state, and have a plan in place prior to bringing an investment forward. This goes together with Conqora’s full due diligence efforts to bring to market completely underwritten deals for investor consideration.
Identify Value Accretion Opportunities
3. Identify Value Accretion Opportunities

Conqora’s underlying investment thesis looks at what value creation opportunities exist beyond the base case real asset economics. Through the application of technology and assessing the broader investment ecosystem surrounding the real asset investment, Conqora seeks to further decrease risk where applicable while also allowing for enhanced returns that surpass the base case.
Finalize Deal Structure and Capital Stack Approach
4. Finalize Deal Structure and Capital Stack Approach

Conqora’s value proposition is embedded in its core competency to develop effective risk-adjusted, tax-efficient deal structures and arrange optimized capital stacks using debt, equity and mezzanine capital. Conqora is the General Partner (GP) for each of its projects and invests as a Limited Partner (LP) along side its other investors.
Prepare Underwritten Investment Package
5. Prepare Underwritten Investment Package

Conqora understands that diligence has a wide range of approaches and meaning to others. Conqora brings the same comprehensive due diligence framework to each and every deal as it has done individualistically for over $30 billion worth of capital in respect of projects across North America. Conqora aims to provide investors with all relevant diligence material including expert third party reports performed on behalf of potential LPs, detailed financial models and management information.
Present Final Investment Opportunity to Selected Limited Partners
6. Present Final Investment Opportunity to Selected Limited Partners

In presenting a comprehensive and complete diligence package of the investment opportunity to select investors, our approach allows investors to gain a quick understanding of the business, deep dive into the technical aspects of the transaction and become comfortable with the project economics for the transaction in a short period of time. Conqora empowers its LPs to be able to quickly understand an investment opportunity based on a thorough understanding of the asset and the business to make an investment decision based on its own capital allocation strategy.
Real Estate
Real Estate Real Estate.

Real property investments with trusted partners and based on scalable models. Conqora’s typical investment strategy is predicated on having control over location, build quality, and construction decisions that affect the asset in the short and long term.

  • Residential
  • Multi family
  • Affordable housing program
  • Senior active living
  • Student housing
Infrastructure Infrastructure.

Infrastructure assets tend to offer lower volatility and are long term in nature with historically low or negative correlation to other asset classes. Typically requiring a multitude of partnerships and potential public / private partnerships to some degree, Conqora is uniquely positioned to capitalize on innovative projects that require development expertise and capital.

  • Social
  • Transit
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Telecommunication / Broadband
Renewables Renewables.

Scaling renewable energy investments in an innovative and distinct asset class that has a net positive impact on the world. Through partnerships and innovative thinking, Conqora is developing platforms that help to bring sustainability to renewable energy investment, and help accelerate the global energy transformation currently taking place.

  • Battery storage
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Bio-Fuels
technology Technology.

Would this business be run the same way twenty years ago? That’s the question we ask across all of our real assets in the portfolio prior to bringing a relentless push to optimize, enhance returns, and increase customer and client satisfaction through the integration of technology.

  • Operational efficiency
  • Multi dwelling automation
  • Commercial building automation
  • Smart city applications
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