Our History, Your Future

Leadership Chose Us. As far back as we can remember we have been fortunate to be confronted with the choice between taking a leadership role or letting someone else carry the torch. There has always been a ‘fire in the belly’ that drove us to step up and take on the challenge. This fire has forced us to recognize, early in life, our internal drive, resilience and persistence to overcome, to solve, and to succeed.

Entrepreneurship Chose Us. Early in our careers we invested the time cultivating our knowledge, experience, and pedigree at best in class institutions. Our humble roots are grounded deep in a rich entrepreneurial history. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, and where we feel at our very best to deliver success.

Our People Choose Us. We ask ourselves a simple question, “What opportunity would the twenty something version of myself want if there were no conventional road maps?” We are committed to providing our team with exceptional experiences to become leaders, businesspeople, and the authors of their own destiny. We strive to inspire, challenge, and provide direction and the platforms for them to achieve their goals.

Our Partners Choose Us. Trust builds as we become more aware of what really drives each other and gain a strong understanding of how best to serve our partners with a tailored solution for their particular needs. There is remarkable variety that exists in the aspirations of the people with whom we partner. This leads to real opportunities to capitalize on the critical, often overlooked, aspect of diversity in a manner that is accretive to the partnership.

Our Limited Partners Choose Us. We act with authenticity. We are clear about what’s important to us and how we deliver outsized returns on a risk adjusted basis. Success is the result of a disciplined approach to originating, underwriting and developing assets. In addition to returns and risk profiles, we consistently assess opportunities against what impact we are having on the communities in which we invest, the legacy we leave for our children and do we make our ancestors proud by our character and virtues.

Conqora’s mission is to identify impactful investments that will generate measurable public, socioeconomic, and environmental benefits in the communities the investment serves, alongside achieving healthy risk adjusted return on capital.

Conqora’s leadership practices are rooted in problem solving and implementing solutions. We focus on cultivating a curious mindset that encourages exploring new ideas and combine that with precise decision-making. We focus on building collaborative daily behaviours with internal and external stakeholders. We nurture and maintain strong trusted long term relationships. We have a relentless pursuit of outperformance.

Visionary leadership is highly attuned to the relationship between the stand alone investment candidate, and the broader integrated ecosystem in which it operates. For each investment under consideration, we conduct comprehensive analysis to identify the inner-relatedness and the overall ecosystem in which the investment exists. This approach allows us to gain a heightened understanding of the investment by assessing the relevant factors comprising its internal and external environment. This understanding reveals the existence of second order “ripple” effects, and factors that are interlocked and have a compounding effect. It is this understanding that leads to realizing unidentified opportunities and a comprehensive risk profile for the investment horizon.

"We have become very good at destroying our best loved ideas."

As leaders we don’t fall in love with our own deals. We run thorough due diligence processes vetted by top tier independent industry professionals to identify all the potential pitfalls. We have assembled a multi disciplinary Investment Advisory Board to protect against “deal fever”, provide objective assessments and act as a sounding board to provide seasoned counsel and avoid missteps. We have become very good at destroying our best loved ideas.

We build partnerships and teams where everyone knows they have a part in the story. They feel like their part is important to achieving the vision, and have the willingness and eagerness to identify and acknowledge our imperfections and learn from them.

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